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Human Resources Policy

Human Resources Mission

We are here for happiness and development of our employees. 



Human Resources Vision 

To be an employer brand which discovers, develops skills of employees, and is preferred due to its innovative applications. 


As Human Resources, our target is to provide resources that can contribute into planning of human resource to fulfil vision and mission of Ozon Tekstil, and into development of skills and competencies, into management of career and performance, and happiness.


In line with this target, basic principles of our Human Resources policy are stated below:


1.  To plan employees in terms of quality and quantity; to employ employees suitable for position and corporation culture.


2.  To create training plans and programs that will develop work adaptation, skills and competencies of employees.


3.  To create and develop systems that will maximize performance, efficiency and effectiveness of employees, by measuring them.


4.  To create development plans and programs, which provide employees with career, personal and social developments, and offer everyone with equal opportunities, through applications to discover their skills.


5.  To develop applications to increase loyalty and willingness of employees, and activities to keep their morale and motivations on the highest level.


6.  To develop policies and applications giving priority to happiness of employees.


7.  To develop systems and applications to expand social rights and opportunities of employees.


8.  To develop systems and programs for organizational development and advancement of the company.


9.  To develop activities and organizations to increase collaboration and communication among employees.