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Human Resources Processes


For all of its staffs, Ozon Tekstil implements an employment policy providing career opportunities to employees who aims for working in textile sector, are skilled, proactive, success and result-driven, open for development and communication. Our basic target in employment process is to position true candidates to true job. 


The need for employee is covered by candidates who come through applications made on career portals, and via announcements published on our web page, and by those who come through internal references.  Skill tests and competence interviews, personality inventories required for position are implemented on candidates to be employed, while candidates on Manager level are subject to assessment centre.  Job offers are made to candidates, who succeed in employment applications, suitably for position.

Career opportunities are also offered to newly graduates through "Manager Training Programs". 


Training and Developments 

Ozon Tekstil aims for developing skills and talents of its employees, and increasing motivation and work satisfaction through competence-based training and development programs for its employees on every level.  Career, social and personal developments of our employees are supported through training programs.

Training and development programs are implemented to accelerate our new employees' adaptation to work, and to enable our employees to advance swiftly on career steps by developing their competences and skills in line with career plans.

Training plans and programs are issued and implemented by our employees along with their employees and Human Resources Department as per the results of Competence-based Performance Assessment System.

By "Manager Training Program", development programs are organized and career opportunities are offered to enable newly graduated skills, who are new in business life, to have occupational formation.

Ozon Tekstil aims for being referred as a school, which constantly develops its employees in the sector, as a learning organization. 


Performance Management 

Ozon Tekstil aims for constantly increasing successes and performances of its employees by measuring them.

2 separate performance assessment systems, which are Target-based and Competence-based, are implemented at Ozon Tekstil.  Competence-based Performance Assessment System applies to all employees; it is implemented 360 degrees for managers, and vertically for other employees.  Managers carries out training and development plans and career plans in compliance with principles of having open interviews with its affiliated employees, by taking the support of Human Resources Department, pursuant to results of Competence-based Performance Assessment System.

Target-based Performance Assessment System is also implemented for managers.  Separate solid, measurable and objective targets are determined for each Manager by Executive Board in the beginning of every year in line with company targets; these targets are semi-annually monitored, and those who succeed in their targets are awarded. 


Career Management 

Ozon Tekstil implements a career management policy based on "each and every one of our employees is the leader of his/her work" philosophy.

Career path is open up to highest title for all of our employees; career maps suitable for every position have been issued, and career paths required to be followed by our employees have been determined.   Competence-based career development and career management are targeted.  In addition to qualities such as knowledge and experience required by related position, the most important criteria are competence and performance level for promotion to a higher position.  Our employees define, plan and manage their own career targets along with Human Resources Department and their managers, as per results of Competence-Based Performance Assessment System.

By career management system, Ozon Tekstil aims for training its own managers among its own employees. 


Happiness of Employees


Ozon Tekstil aims for applications and activities giving priority to happiness and peace of its employees.  It is aware of the fact that corporate dependence and efficient work are based solely on "Happy Employee".  Ozon Tekstil supports social activities and events which its employees are interested in, based on the principle of protecting the balance between business and private life balance of its employees.

Communication meetings and organizations are held to develop communication and collaboration among employees, and to provide amalgamation; social events and sports activities to which our employees can actively participate are planned and organized; events such as football, bowling tournaments, excursions, picnics, etc. are organized.

Investments are being made by expanding social areas and opportunities for our employees to have a pleasant time while at workplace.