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Our Business

Ozon Tekstil specializes in serving the Fast Fashion industry, in which the product are turned over in a very quick time frame.

The key factors contributing to our success are the combination of all the innovative elements from R&D to shipment. All of these elements had a great positive impact in building our Retailer – Supplier Cooperation through Collaborative Planning-Forecasting-Replenishment.



Our ecpertise, coupled with our understanding of our customers and their consumers give us the best ability to provide design service.

Our specialized product design team employs Spanish sn Turkish designers, including a graphic designer, in order to provide our customers with different collections.

Our designers are continue to improve their skills through custom productions, fashiom fairs they participate all over the World. They follow trends and fabric specialists in bringing the most current and innovative desings to our clients and strive to offer them the best solutions.



Our supply quality directly affects the customer’s satisfactions and market acceptance of oour enterprises.

The mail task of our sourcing team is strategic procurement management by central or cross-organization. They performing various individual activities, such as requirements grouping, classifying and selecting the procurement markets, qualty analyses, and managing relations with vendors to get the material-related right value.

Our sourcing office in Guangzhou, China, ia able to search for and purchase best-of-class trims and fabrics based on our customers’ needs.



One of our fundemantal strategies is perfectness is supply chain. No matte what volüme they have, all customers orders are put to production only after finding the right production chain. For right production,our experience and technology are the greatest assistants we have.

Capacity planning is our critical business step for a timely shipping. Capicities and occupancy rates of suppliers are monitored online through ERP.

All suppliers are liable to keep their production phases and capasities up to date within the section allocated to them on the portal. Production competencies and system compliance of suppliers are measured and assessed within certain periods.

Our production takes place through subcontractors in different locations of the worl. As our total production runs outside the company, tracking becomes vital. Via ERP, we are able to track all production facilities run on them.